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Smart Security

IP Camera

Wifi Smart IP Camera

1080P HD Enhances imaged quality equipped with a 200W pixel HD Lens, The picture is clear and closer to the real scene. Sporty WiFi connection, easy to install indoor or outdoor, easy to setup and configuration with APP. Through mobile remote monitoring you can see different places around the world.

IP Doorbell Camera

Smart IP Doorbell Camera

Smart Security Camera video Door bell with Real-time Push Alerts on Android and Apple Mobile. Watchdog Surveillance System Night Vision (Batteries Included). Immediately sends a notification to your phone when someone rings the door bell or triggers the PIR motion sensor. The infrared light will automatically turn on at night and infrared night vision will be performed with clear 1080P HD picture/video. Immediately sends a notification to your phone when someone rings the doorbell or triggers the PIR motion sensor. Two way audio, Mobile app friendly.

Fingerprint Doorlock

Smart Fingerprint Door-lock

Stop hiding keys under the doormat and compromising home security. Smart Fingerprint lock have auto locking feature, so you never leave your home without security. Create virtual permanent keys for family and temporary guests. Smart Home Door locks communicates with other connected smart home devices, like the Smart Siren, and voice assistant services like, Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and IFTTT. For example, you can have your doors unlock when a smoke or CO alarm is triggered, or have certain Home smart lights turn on when a door is unlocked. Depending on your home automation setup, you can even pair your lock with a video doorbell, like the Wifi Smart Door Bell, so you can see who is at the door before you unlock it, or have an interior camera begin recording when a door is unlocked.