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Smart Lighting

Smart LED Bulbs

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs are long-lasting LED light bulbs that can be controlled and customized remotely through voice-controlled or smart technology. Smart lighting is often connected to Alexa, Google Assistant or another smart-home assistant, and it can even be controlled using smart-home routines. Through smart assistants, smart light bulbs can communicate with other smart devices in your network, such as appliances or entertainment systems.

Smart LED Downlight

Smart LED Down light

One of the best features of smart lighting products is the ability to set lighting scenes. Lighting scenes can dim or switch a mixture of your lighting circuits to the level of your choosing at the touch of one button. If you're watching TV in your lounge you might want your main light to be switched totally off, your wall lights to be dimmed down to 30% and your table lamps to be switched on; this could be called your "TV scene". Dimmable color temperature (2700 to 6000 K) ensures well-being and relaxation. Choose from 16 million colors, and brightness of each color is dimmable, to adjust the light to your mood. Synchronize the light with music and movies, and enjoy every beat. You can turn any room into a dance floor, also creating a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. This light bulb is for everyone involved - decorating your home with romantic lights, Halloween, Christmas, theme parties.

Smart LED Stripe Light

Smart Stripe Light

Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights Works with Alexa, Google Home Brighter LED, 16 Million Colors Phone App Controlled Music Light Strip for Home, Kitchen, TV, Party, for iOS and Android.